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Bearing in mind the universal values and principles contained in each religion, as well as the fact that the diversity of cultures, religions and civilizations is a contribution and great potential, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia supported the organization of the World Conferences on Dialogue among Religions and Civilizations that are held every three years starting in 2007 and which Conference will be organized for the fifth time by the Commission for Relations with the Religious Communities and Groups in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.

The organization of such an important world conference in the Republic of Macedonia is a form of contribution to the humane vision of the late President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Boris Trajkovski, who, on his own initiative and with the help of UNESCO, realized the first Regional Summit of the Heads of States in SEE titled Dialogue Between Civilizations in 2003 in Ohrid.

Since the First World Conference that was held in 2007 in the Balkan Jerusalem, the city of Ohrid, to this day, with the generous support of our international friends, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the United Nations, many important institutions and prominent figures have given their particular and exceptional contribution to the realization of this great idea. All of them have pledged to build a new world and a new era of understanding, in which man and mankind will find themselves again and inexorably enter into dialogue and cooperation with the other.

Fifth world conference on inter-religious and inter-civilization dialogue “Let there be light”

The Fifth World Conference on Dialogue among Civilizations and Religions will be held in Skopje, on the topic “LET THERE BE LIGHT”

Changed concept, attractive guests, impressive messages!

Skopje will be the place where the views of renowned personalities in the sphere of art, science, social and civic activism, and, of course, religion will be crossed in October.

The Conference will be held in several locations, and the program will include panel discussions, special events, intermezzo events, as well as artistic exhibitions and performances. 

Religion had a strong influence on the creation of the world’s civilizational culture. The culture that has been created, with its traditions, is, in the sense of its value, one of the pillars upon which religion is always supported. Living in a global world, progressive ideas are becoming louder. The individual lives in a world where the attainment of personal well-being is a real art.

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